Photoshop for the Photographer Advanced: $175 (on sale from $300)

Are you looking to find consistent editing among your images?  Want to know what your Photoshop Action sets are doing when you run them?  This tutorial is perfect for beginning to intermediate photographers who want to jump into Photoshop and start making color choices.  I do not recommend this tutorial if you are photographing studio or indoor, but it is still applicable to those settings.  I will show you easy ways to mask, how to add layers and in what order, and how they affect the overall tone of the image.  This course also comes with some free gradients for Photoshop.

My style is a combination of different methods I've been taught over the years and have made into my own.

This course is 1 - 1 1/2 hours and is done either in person (Seattle or Denver only) or over Skype.  Photoshop only.

Portrait Photography with Model & Photoshop Course: $400 per student (Min. 3, Max. 5 students)

This is the full package.  We will go out and photograph a model that has had professional Makeup & Hair done, in an outdoor location.  Bring your gear, but also take some test shots on the gear I use to see the difference.  The following day we will download our images and work on them in person in the Photoshop course I offer above.  The fee goes to cover Hair & Makeup and the model per hour, plus coverage of the tutorial for two separate classes.

Sessions vary in length and must be arranged at least a month in advance.  Please inquire to show interest and be added to a signup list.  When 3 students have inquired, a session will be arranged (Seattle and Denver only).

Photography & Photoshop for the Beginner: $49

Did you just purchase a new DSLR and are frustrated that your photos don't come out how you envision them?  Are you intimidated by Photoshop?  This class provides a basic look at DSLR settings and options (can answer questions for most cameras).  It also shows you how to download and develop your photos in Camera RAW or Photoshop.  I'll explain the difference between RAW and JPEG, how to use basic retouching tools, and how to color correct any images that are not white balanced.  The class is also an open forum to pick my brain about anything photo, gear or business related.  I'm happy to share what I've learned since 2009 and continue to evolve today.

This tutorial can be done in person (Seattle or Denver only) or via Skype.  Class is about 1 hour depending on material covered.

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